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Trench Offensive - They Shall NOT Pass!

The French are in the trenches, awaiting the next attack from the Germans over the muddy, blood covered hellscape. These are the French that the player can buy from the 1st March 2024 Per-orders out now!

Players can choose to name these miniatures if they should so wish. However, they are based on original characters from Trench Offensive.

French Miniature from Trench Offensive

This is Capitaine Jules Sale, a well respected officer but had wanted to stay with his wife back in Normandy.

French Miniature For Trench Offensive

A former baker from Paris, his father was grandparents were killed by Germans and Sergent Henri Bardin is seeking as many Germans to take his place.

French Miniature For Trench Offensive

Soldat Jean-Paul Gouin was just a regular man, working as a gardener and game keeper before the war. However, he got a taste for blood.

French Miniature For Trench Offensive

Soldat Pham Huy "volunteered" to fight for France. However, it was helping his family survive the harsh conditions back in French Indochina.

French Miniature For Trench Offensive

Soldat Pierre Lemaire came from the French Africa and is from a high ranking native family. He should have been made an officer, but the French didn't trust him to lead.

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