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Everything You Need to Know

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer services, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with their accompanying answers. If you’re looking for additional information - get in touch today.

How Will I Get My Miniatures?

We use Royal Mail for all our shipping needs. We have found them to be best, while we have tried others in the past, we found the local postie is great for shipping miniatures and books. 

Please review and select the option you find best, when in the check-out section. We have quite a few speeds to choose from. We also offer free shipping on orders over £60. However, the free shipping is Royal Mail Second Class Tracked service.


What is your return policy?

Our return policy is fully documented on the policy page. However, the short answer is we offer 30 days return. That could change, and we review our policies regularly to ensure we offer the best service to our customers. So, please review the full policy.


Have you been part of the Emergency Services?

No, and Threat Level Range aren’t made for training purposes. However, you can use them as you wish. 


Pandy had been working in London, England, travelling on the trains and buses of Britain’s capital and seeing the Transport Police protecting the public from different threats. As a wargame designer with far too much time on his hands, Pandy started writing from his unique point of view on their situation. What could be and what would happen. He wanted them to be solo, so he could play them on the train, if he ever got a seat!

The “Threat Level Range”?

Pandy released his first game, just before “THE FIRST LOCKDOWN” in 2020. His first Threat Level game was “Threat Level: Tube Strike” This is because it was conceived in the London Underground, which is also known as “The Tube” in the UK. And the workers of the Tube have been known to strike for better pay and conditions. This game focused on the police and was limited in scope. 


When the first customer’s started playing Tube Strike, they wanted more Emergency Services and Pandy was happy to help them. Pandy also changed the name for the second edition and created “Emergency Response”. This is the game which keeps getting supplements, missions and new miniatures.

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