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Image by King's Church International

Threat Level: Emergency Response

Threat Level: Emergency Response is a solo miniature tabletop wargame, created by Pandy Howells. In this game, the player works as part of the emergency services, either paramedics, police or firefighters as they battle everyday situations. 


Creative Solutions

Not everything needs to end in combat, the player can work out how best to solve the issue.


For example, if a police miniature can get close enough, instead of shooting the antagonist, the player could choose to arrest them. 

Hidden Information

Depending on the mission, the antagonist could be hidden in plain sight. The player may have to profile members of the public to find their target, or the target may transform and cause issues before the player has time. 


Medical Missions

The game is created to be more than the normal wargame. Threat Level: Emergency Response, has medical missions. 

In medical missions, the objective is to save lives, not take them.

Unique Rules

The game has rules, the player won't find anywhere else. For example, when police wait around in a tube station, there could be an element of distraction. With hundreds of people walking past every minute. Some may start to think of home, or holiday. 

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