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Pandy Pretends 2 Paint - Painting Guide for WW1 German Uniforms

Battle ready, and looking good enough to play with, are my key aims when painting. After Hammerhead, I was inspired to paint a miniature. Seeing some amazing miniatures on show. I also had some flawed but not unusable miniatures from our Germans. Which would work with some heads I bought while at Salute in 2019. The plans for the heads from Salute 2019 completely passed me by. They sat in a draw, gathering dust and value.

I wanted to put a stop to both of them. I knew I could paint well enough for the tabletop. Not only that, but I could develop a guide and for people to see how easy it is to paint historical uniforms. Like, if I Pandy can paint it, it has to be easy.

Below is a guide to getting your Germans battle ready for Trench Offensive. With some photos to add context.

Prime with Citadel Colour Zandri Dust


Base - Army Painter Dungeon Grey

Layer - Army Painter Field Grey

Trim - Army Painter Dragon Red

Wash - Citadel Colour Nuln oil

Wood and leather

Base - AK interactive mahogany brown

Layer - Vallejo English Uniform


Base - Army Painter Gun Metal


Base - Citadel Colour Ratskin Flesh

Layer - AK Interactive Pastel Peach

Wash - Citadel Colour Reikland Fleshshade


Base - AK Interactive Smoke Black


Base - 50/50 Blend AK Interactive White Grey and AK Interactive Zinc Chromate Yellow


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