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"New Products Unveiled at Salute: Verdun Campaign Book and More!"

Well, Salute is only a matter of days away. Time is ticking down towards zero! The troops are excited to go over the top. We have started our bombardment of the enemy trenches. 

Here are some new things we will have to sell at Salute! We have Verdun Campaign book. This increases the rules to play in villages, open fields and in the forts of the Verdun area. Allowing players to explore the French countryside and make it a ruin. The book is A5 soft cover with some beautiful graphics. However, I am bias. Players will still need a full rulebook to enjoy the Verdun Campaign book.

Alongside Verdun, we have the French Force Book and the German Book. Allowing players to explore different options and grow their forces. Also, the British Force Book is in printed form. 

Well, Trench Offensive has some amazing stuff to get going with! What about Threat Level: Emergency Response! We do have some new stuff. We have helicopter paramedics, RAF Police and Council Workers. All of them are pairs. 

We also have plenty of stock and some amazing deals. Come find us next to Modiphius Entertainment and Sarissa Terrain at TL15!

We can’t wait to see you at the amazing event!

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