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Painting Guide - K9 Unit

k9 unit, painting guide

How do you paint the dogs or the police officer? I asked my painter Dave for some paint suggestions.

Police officer:

Arm, leg cloth - Vallejo, Charcoal 72.155 - Citadel Nuln oil wash

Tactical Vest - Vallejo, Black, 70.950

Boots, belt, rifle, - Citadel black ink

Skin - Vallejo, Basic Skin Tone, 70.815, wash with Vallejo Beige Red, 70.804

Hair - Vallejo, Tan Earth, 70.874

K9 Unit:

Top - Vallejo, Black, 70.950

Mid - Vallejo, Brown Sand, 70.876

Under - Vallejo, Bonewhite, 72.034

Eyes - Citadel Black ink

Tongue - Vallejo Beige Red, 70.804

Collar - Vallejo, Ultramarine 70.839


Fur - Vallejo Air - AMT-1 Light Grey Br. 71.320

Jumper - Vallejo, Olive Green, 70.967, wash Citadel Shade, Coelia Green

Do you want more of these? Let us know!

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