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Trench Offensive Trench Update

Interesting times are ahead for Trench Offensive. We have been developing a trench building system. This should make it easier for players to build trench networks, without all the hassle of checking all the gaps and everything else that is involved. I say “WE” that's not strictly true. We have been working with the amazing team at Celestial Design Works. All the work on the trenches has been made by them.

In this blog, we have plenty of pictures from our development cycle. Print failures are sometimes a problem and lessons have been learnt from them. We met them at Colchester Games Fair 2022. We have been working with them for a while, getting them to improve our prints and this has been an important change for the quality of our products.

These pictures are of the rough designs. We’re really impressed by these.

3d design of trenches
Trench with bunker

3d design of trenches
Corner section

3d design of trenches
Trench with Fire step

3d design of trenches
Trench straight

How to use them, is the important point. The key to building a network with these will be worked on by the Pandyman team soon. However, there will be plenty of foam cutting.

Do you want to use the team at Celestial Design Works? Find them at or email them @

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