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Well, the print is finished, and we are busy preparing for Germans for going over the top. This small raiding force is made up of characters from the soon-to-be released Imperial German Force Book, which will be released in March.

However, the miniatures can be used for other characters or something else. The force will have characters and non-character stats. This allows for many different options.

This double pistol holding officer could be Hauptmann Edmund Jung or Leutnant Heinrich Keller or whatever the player wants!

German's had an amazing machine gun, this one is being carried by Gefreiter Henri Schreiber or just a heavy weapons unit.

Gefreiter Ben Muller isn't scared to fire down into the trenches.

"The ammunition may have run out, but the shovel is still a great tool or weapon." Said Gefreiter Otto Schneider

Gefreiter Joseph Behm didn't want to see war, and doesn't look like he will see much of it.

The miniatures will ship from the 19th February 2024 and then it's time to Stürme die Schützengräben.

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