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Shiny Trenches!

This year has been amazing for us. We have enjoyed meeting you all at shows, even if it means early mornings and late evenings. Your support means the world to us, and it's so inspiring to show my second game off.

While building our miniature range for Trench Offensive and keeping Threat Level: Emergency Response going with new stuff coming out all the time. One thing we have been working on is trenches. Trench Offensive works on two or more levels. This affects line of sight and other mechanics.

While player can use a flat 2d surface. We wanted to help players get the 3d experience, which keeping costs down. I need to play Sarissa Precision’s new trench line. While these look incredible, we don’t know how well they will play with Trench Offensive. That being said, we have been working on our own trench network, with Celestial Design Works.

The trenches will come 3d printed and unpainted. Giving the player a choice of colour schemes. Please see the pictures below and tell us what you think. We expect to release them early next year.

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