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Ottoman's on The Western Front

Battle Report

I have spent some time playing solo raids with Trench Offensive, and wanted to share it with you.

The war had been raging for over a year, and the trenches had become a desolate wasteland of mud and blood. The men on both sides were living in squalor, and the constant shelling and machine gun fire was taking a heavy toll.

Raiding was one way to break up the monotony of trench life and to gain an advantage over the enemy. Small groups of men would be sent out at night to infiltrate the enemy trenches and gather intelligence, destroy supplies, or take prisoners. These raids were often extremely dangerous, but they could also be very rewarding.

The 6th Royal Scot Fusiliers are stationed on the Western Front. It is a relatively quiet sector, but the Ottoman’s sat opposite. Lt. Col Winston Churchill has decided to join a small raiding party to gather intelligence and to disrupt any central powers preparations.

The raiding party left the trenches at night. sneaking through No Man's Land, carefully avoiding the barbed wire and minefields. The raid went well but the Ottoman’s came back quicker than expected. In the confusion, Churchill got lost.

Once the rest of the raiding party returned to the British trenches. Lt. Percy Lamb noticed the battalion commander was missing. Lamb, rallied some of the troops to re-raid the trenches. Dashing across no man’s land and scaring or killing the few Ottomans in the trench. Before making their way to the last known point of Churchill.

However, as Lamb finds his commander. An Ottoman aeroplane commits to a strafing run, killing Churchill by nothing but luck and bullets. The British grabbed the body of their dead commander before disappearing into the night.

Scottish Side

Lt. Percy Lamb - Junior Officer - 200 Points Pte. Donald Campbell - Veteran - 200 Points Pte. Jack Douglas - Veteran - 200 Points Pte. Scott Scott - Veteran - 200 Points Pte. Ross Watson - Heavy Weapons - 150 Points

Ottoman Side

Çavuş Halil Dink - NCO - 275 Points

Nefer. Umut Renda - Veteran - 200 Points

Nefer. Savas Dilaver - Veteran - 200 Points

Nefer. Okay Taskiran - Unstable - 150 Points

Nefer. Kayin Selcuk - Heavy Weapon - 150 Points

Game Cycle One

The Ottomans had the initiative and rolled reinforcements in the event phase. The men of both sides moved towards the objective. No combat happened and it was an uneventful round.

Game Cycle Two

The Ottomans won the initiative again, and rolled Gas, Gas, Gas in the event phase. Campbell and Douglas both managed to get their gas masks on. The Campbell and Douglas ran round the corner to find Çavuş Halil Dink moving forward. Dink shot with his pistol. Douglas shoot back, killing Çavuş Halil Dink quickly.

Game Cycle Three

Once again the Ottomans won the initiative and rolled strafing run. However, the scatter dice had different plans and killed Lt. Col. Winston Churchill. The Ottomans lost.

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