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No Part-IZAN May 2024 DEAL

So, this weekend, we have a very special deal. Pandy being silly last weekend and breaking his collar bone. We don't get to go to the amazing Partizan happening in Newark.

Pandy is also enjoying the pain-killers and this is a great time to get some sweet bargains. Free Shipping WORLDWIDE on orders over £55! I know right! Take advantage while you can, the offer is limited to 8am Monday 20th May 2024!

If you want to benefit from this amazing deal, use the code NoPart-izan2024 in the checkout. Maybe we can get Pandy's frown upside-down

Pandy in a sling

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1 comentário

Tim Parnell
Tim Parnell
17 de mai.

What a shame. I am going to make it after all.

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