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New Threat Level Incident Released

With the release of "You Can't Touch This" Incident released a bit later than I would have hoped. I wanted to feed a little into the story, this is based on an incident that happened in the USA, which I saw on the social media.

From what I remember, the officer was standing on the road talking to someone in their car. When another car drove past, nothing out of the normal. The other car stops and the driver jumps out, knife in hand, and charges the Police Officer. This is when the Police Officer notices and takes action. It all happens with in seconds.

Pandyman Miniature

This is the inspiration for the incident. I have taken some liberties with the mission as it doesn't translate to the UK well. However, I think this should be a fun adventure to explore. Threat Level allows for more than just Great British Policing. It can be modified to play with different nations police forces.

In the meantime, I will start work on May's incident, as I won't have much time to actually work on it in May. This is because we are really excited to go to three shows in May.

Diceni in Norwich. A beautiful show with such a great feel. Located in the Forum, this show is peaceful but fulfilling. Plus free to enter for the public!

Partizan in Newark. An amazing show, which allows me to show Trench Offensive off to the hordes of wargamers. It is amazing to attend as a game.

Then we have the big one. The UK Games Expo! Held in Birmingham. It is the biggest show we attend. It is an amazing event with so much to see and do, and spread over the three days! So, people can see pretty much everything.

Hopefully, we can see each other at one of these shows. But until then, keep safe.

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See you there Paul

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