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With Trench Offensive turning one year old on Friday (31st May 2024) and with our return to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. We have now released French, Germans, Scottish, Indians and Ottomans plus plenty of supplements.

miniature in a trench

What is next for the birthday game? We recently did a poll on our players group on Facebook. It was interesting, we had very few votes, but there was a clear majority for Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Which put a massive smile on my face, as I wanted Czechoslovakia units. Which were on quite a few fronts, from the Western Front in France, Italian Front with Austro-Hungarian forces and the Italian forces and Eastern front, also with both sides. Americans were also a popular selection.

miniature in a trench

So, the Austro-Hungarians will be the next force. Along with the Americans, who will have two head options. One for the Americans and one for the British. We will also do a Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian, American and Italian force book. Which is pretty exciting and all things coming in the future! A future date is yet to be agreed.

We also

Miniature in a trench

have other plans for the future! We will have two new supplements early next year. These will be Russian Civil War, which is a real chaos period in the former Russian Empire! But first we will have the Weird War 1 supplement, which will include strange happenings and Diesel-Punk!

Also, my collar-bone is healing nicely, thank you for all the kind messages. It has been amazing!

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