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Threat Level: Emergency Response third edition is being printed. Once again, the books have been printed in the UK. We plan to put together a bundle, to save people money on buying the third edition. There is also a book-only option. I also wanted it to be as accessible as possible, I have tried to make the rules as clear and easy to understand as possible. The graphic design is also made to be neurodivergent-friendly. However, this has the added benefit of it being beautifully simple. I also went with a larger font. This is to make the experience as welcoming as possible.

A cold, hard copy of our book!

I have got some exclusive incidents for the book, I listened to you, and I know people had been asking for incidents in the book and I have made them easy to read and play. I also have added sections to make it easier to arrest and interact with other miniatures on the tabletop. A keywords section has been added, and I have taken away some branding of the weapons. This streamlined the weapon stats.

I also created another way to play with the Threat Level AI. Should people want to continue, doing it themselves like in the old first and second editions. That is still one way to play, but I know some people have been put off by the fact, so I created cards and a dice-rolling system to allow players to give random actions a try. It’s all detailed in the book.

I am looking at making some exclusive miniatures for the book. So, I am not releasing it for sale until Chillcon. This brings me to my next topic.


Events, this year we have a few scheduled and I want to do more in the later part of the year. Chillcon, Diceni and UK Game Expo are the events we have booked. We want to do some more. However, we probably won’t be doing the maker’s markets in Suffolk anymore. I will explain why later. So here are the dates.

Chillcon - 1st April in Sheffield

Diceni - 30th April in Norwich

UKGE - 2nd June - 4th June in Birmingham.

These should hopefully, give you all time to play Trench Offensive. I will also do several videos on the game for the YouTube gods and give people the greatest chance to see it. I have also asked if we can have a demonstration table at Partizan 2023.

We will have two-player starter sets of Trench Offensive to buy from the 2nd of June. What a great way to move on.


Trench Offensive, won’t be released at Chillcon. We are, however, releasing it at the UKGE in Birmingham. Why the change? I want to market the game as much as possible, and the UKGE can help with that. This also gives us more time to show the game off, and get the boxes ready for sale.

Also, I want the game to be seen by as many people as I can, it's a beautiful game, and we will show it off and conduct pre-orders. This is why it will allow us to better use our limited resources.

Now, the last subject is markets in Suffolk. We have met some fantastic people doing the markets, however, we don’t think they are viable to do this year. The break in the schedule kills the regular flow. I will still attend the markets in Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill but as a punter. I had looked at Markets in Ipswich, and they cost too much. We won’t get a return on investment. I also hope to work with FLGS in Suffolk to provide events, so we could be coming to your town.

With that, I leave you, to continue the work on marketing Trench Offensive. A job which allows me little sleep, like a newborn baby.

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