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Pandyman Miniature

April 1st 2023, we released Threat Level: Emergency Response. We have regular miniatures coming out and monthly incidents. I am even trying gritty incidents.

We also showed off, for the first time. Trench Offensive and in the year since then we have also released Indians, Ottomans, Germans, French and Scottish. Which is brilliant. We have also been around the England and met hundreds of people.

Last year, we also tried our hand at a joke product. but no one downloaded it.

Pandyman Miniature

2024-2025 - What's the plan for Pandyman?

We want to continue going strength to strength. We have tonnes of shows coming up. Including Salute 51! Diceni! and Partizan!

We also have new miniatures in the works, and Verdun campaign book, French and German faction books and monthly incidents, some may even become GRITTY!

Pandyman Threat Level Logo

Equally, the reason we are still going is thanks to you, our amazing customers. Every order makes us smile. Hopefully, you will want to keep buying our products. Maybe we will see you at a show.

In the meantime, please keep being awesome. We don't have any jokes products this year, so I wrote this instead.

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