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By the Emperor's light! What a day! Thank you, everyone we met and spoke to at SALUTE 51. We now look towards the amazing Diceni in Norwich on the 5th May 2024. It is a free to entry event and plenty to see and do. We have a number of demo boards for Trench Offensive. 

Threat Level: Emergency Response has some new miniatures which hit the website on Saturday morning. Monthly free incidents will continue as long as people want them. This includes the cards. However, with May being one of our busiest months of the year. Some flexibility of release dates will continue. Hopefully, our amazing sculptor Juhász Gergely will finish the new Pandyman releases. 

Now, we will make an actual announcement at some point in the near-future. However, we will be continuing with our growth of Trench Offensive. Salute was incredible for letting me talk to people about the future of the game. We have something in the works, which we think will add some interesting elements. 

All I will confirm now is, Trench Offensive will have two new big supplements coming out in 2025! WATCH THIS SPACE for more updates!

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