Price raise announcement blog post

Price Raise Announcement

Pandyman is no different to other companies, and we have had a look at our costs, our products and everything else. So, what is the plan for the future? What will Pandyman Entertainment do next?

We will not (at this time, raise prices). Equally, at this time; to make it easier to get our products, we will start working with friendly local gaming stores, doing events and attending more wargaming shows. Allowing for a greater number of people to get access to the products without shipping. Hopefully, from this we will build a relationship with the friendly local gaming stores and more to allowing them to host our products.

More free missions to be released shortly. Paramedic and Fire Brigades have missions in the works. Just finishing the play-tests. Exciting times, I am sure. Videos explaining how easy it is to play and how to play are also scheduled soon.

The clear shields are still a massive issue, I am going to make more time during the week to speak to casting studios and seek help and support. I will make the miniature available with a grey resin shield in the next few weeks. I will sell these in single, packs of five and packs of ten. A mission will be released at the same time. 

Anyone who had a discount code but was unable to use it in the window, will have it still accepted. Because we are nice and all you have to do is tell us, if there are any. 

While some businesses are struggling, Pandyman Entertainment isn’t, and we want our players and fans to continue playing our awesome game.

The trouble we have next is the international markets. That’s a plan for another day.

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